The Ink

What are you trying to insinuate.

You think that I can’t leave, its never too late.

We were always holding hands, girl this been a date.

To grow, I had to stop you from eating off my plate.

Better yet, you were the waiter serving self doubt.

And i paid for that order when I should have dined and dashed out.

And I’ve always wondered why I felt strange

Because I always tipped the answers, but you kept the change.

So from you, I know I had to escape.

Trying to keep myself together using you as the tape.

With you, it was always too high or too low.

But word to Kevin Hart, somebody had to go.

So as I’m staring at myself, in this mental mirror.

If I Push away the insecurities, doubt, and pain, my vision becomes clearer.

See the mind can be a dangerous thing.


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